Sunrise Spots


Waking up early, especially this time of year, is always worth the effort. Something about watching the sun rise before the rest of the world wakes up, leaves you with a sense of calm and peace inside. Currently, sunrise is around 7:00am, so there's plenty of time to paddle a kayak or hike a trail to the ideal spot. Bring along a thermos of hot coffee, maybe a snack, and soak up the silence. Here's our suggestions for catching the morning moment.  



Make the most of the morning calm, jump in your kayak and paddle the lake. Some of the best sunrise moments are from unnamed, unknown spots in the middle of whatever lake your cabin calls home.

Northerly Tip: Get your kayak, paddle, + life jacket ready the night before. Early morning paddles are best when you're ready to just jump in and go!



Explore the Powell Marsh Wildlife Area. We suggest starting at the scenic overlook off of Powell Road and walking the path that leads to the heart of the expansive wildlife area.

Northerly Tip: Bed head? Haven’t showered? Welcome to early mornings in the Northwoods. Grab a baseball hat and you're good to go, this The Midwest Company ball cap is a favorite of ours.



Enjoy the early morning glow from your lakeside cabin. Beachview Cabin and the Lodge at Alderwood Resort have some of the best sunrise views in the area. In the Lodge, pour a cup of coffee and appreciate the view from your sunroom - cozied up in a wool blanket. A stay in Beachview Cabin will lead you to the pier to enjoy the magical morning hour - cup of hot coffee recommend. 

Northerly Tip: Buy a Northwoods blend of coffee for your early mornings - we love AnnMarie's coffee. 



Head to Rest Lake Park on an early morning adventure to see sunrise from a secret spot. In a hurry? Soak up the sunrise from Rest Lake Pavillion. Up for adventure? Walk or bike the paved bike trail towards the north. After crossing the first bridge that parallels Hwy. W, take the foot path near the bike rack towards Rest Lake.

Northerly Tip: Pack a thermos of coffee and a cranberry muffin to savor while you wait for the morning glow! 



Sunrise from the cranberries might top the list of the best kept secret of northern Wisconsin. Wander one of the many cranberry marshes in the area to view the sunrise across the expansive fields. In the know? Pull up your waders + enjoy the magic hour from the berries.

Northerly Tip: Learn more about the magic of "the world's most beautiful harvest" - cranberry harvest here.  



Take a morning walk on the Big River Trail at the North Lakeland Discovery Center. The sunrise will peep through the trees as the steam rises from the flowing river water. Have a furry friend? Let them tag along! 

Northerly Tip: Take a side trail and head down the river. This campsite, located on a well established trail, about a mile from the parking lot, is a great break for coffee and so close to the water, you can hear the fog lifting. Here's a marker to help you find your way. 



Grab a cup of coffee from Dixie's Coffee House and make your way to a bench on the dock at Koller Park. As you sip your morning jo, watch the sun rise over the waters of Rest Lake, the fog lift over the dam, and birds sing their morning tune. 

Northerly Tip: Invest in a durable coffee thermos to take you on morning adventures! We love HydroFlask's, available locally at Coontail in Boulder Junction.  


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