Northerly Boat Essentials


Fiberglass or wood, inboard or outboard, speedy quick pace or relaxing + slow - whatever your preference - boat days are a mainstay of life in the Northwoods. Before you head out for a day on the lake, make sure your bag is filled with a few of our favorite boat essentials. See you on the water!


Baseball Hat

Protect your face from harmful rays while sporting a classic baseball hat.
Currently sporting: The Midwest Company’s WI Cap.
Forgot your hat at home? Check to see if the Dock ‘n Shop ladies are on the Manitowish Chain of Lakes - selling amazing Manitowish Waters apparel!



Besides being a fashion accessory, sunglasses are essential as the bright sun reflects off of the water. We recommend investing in a polarized pair. Afraid they might fall overboard? Grab a pair of croakies
Currently wearing: Warby Parker Durand


Insulated Drink Holder

Bring an insulated cup on board to ensure all of your sips stay cool + refreshing. Local tip: Greer’s Pier Marina will make your drink right in your cup so your drink stays cold and you’re not wasting plastic! The fishies thank you!
Currently drinking from: Corkcicle Insulated Tumbler - 24 oz.


The Best Beach Towel Ever

Pendleton towels have stolen our hearts. Their towels are huge, cozy, and absolutely beautiful (they can double as decor as they hang on a hook on your porch to dry!). With so many patterns to choose from, you are sure to find one to match your style.
Currently loving: This pattern purchased at Coontail Sports in Boulder Junction



Wear sunscreen. Just do it. Plus, a sunburn will ruin your entire week at the lake. Read this article on recent research into which sunscreens have the best ingredients for protection + skin care. Trust us, your future self will thank you.
Currently slathering on: COOLA Sunscreen - Classic Sport SPF50.
We love their fresh mango scent, also available in unscented.

A Refreshing Drink

Join the West Coast trend of amazing quality wine in a can. Safer for drinking on a boat over glass bottles and easy to toss a few in your cooler.
Currently enjoying: Union Wine Company’s Rosé - a chilled treat on a summer day.


Turkish Towel

Switch up your towel game and try a Turkish Peshtemal. Fast drying, lightweight and can double as a scarf or shawl if you need to cover up.
Currently wrapped in: Sand Cloud Peach Towel


Fuel (The Edible Kind)

Spending hours in the sun, having cocktails (or mocktails) and swimming can make you hungry pretty quickly. Step up your boat snack game and stock your cooler with something your friends won’t expect.
Currently munching on: Fresh Spring Rolls; Lemon, Sesame + Garlic Hummus with tortilla chips; and Blackberry Crumb bars (also probably a bag of Cheetos).


Fun ‘N Games

Games played around the table can also be played on the boat or at the beach. Many of our favorite games have taken it to the next level and made weatherproof versions.
Currently playing: Bananagrams BEACH VERSION (yes, this is real folks!).


Speaker + Boat Jams

The quintessential boat playlist can take a day on the lake from great to excellent with the perfect tunes. Turn up the sound on our Boat Day Plays on our Northerly Collective Spotify account with our favorites. Learn from our mistake, use a water resistant speaker in case of a rogue wave.
Currently dancing to tunes on: The JBL Charge 3 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker.