Northerly Loves Ice Cream


Perhaps it makes us a Wisconsin cliche, but we would literally say yes to ice cream any time, any place. And honestly, that's an understatement. Ice cream is the ultimate symbol of warm summer days. Whether you prefer a cake cone or sugar cone, soft serve or hard scoop, here are a few of the best spots to get a frozen treat. 


Boulder Junction

The Ice Shanty Drive-In and Mini Golf

Serving both soft serve and hard scoop ice cream, The Ice Shanty is a classic drive-in and mini golf course. If you visit around the 4th of July, check out their Firecracker Ice Cream - strawberry flavored ice cream with Pop Rocks. You heard that right - Pop Rocks! - it's like a party in your mouth!

Mad Dog Jakes

With over 30 flavors of Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream and outdoor seating, Mad Dog Jake’s is ideal for a night out with your family (including your furry friends!). We recommend a scpop of Coconut Almond Bliss in a sugar cone.


Manitowish Waters

Greer’s Pier Marina

They have just two flavors in their deli, but they picked two very solid choices: This Just Got Serious (a salted caramel + chocolate dream) and Mint Avalanche (with Andes Candies + Grasshopper Cookies). The perfect addition to a carnitas taco from the grill!


Hogan’s General Store

Sometimes simple is just best. Stop in for their vanilla soft serve and pick up a few fun toppings - we recommend sprinkles, gummy bears, or butterfinger.


Trig’s Village Market

Come by car, bike or foot to the walk-up ice cream window at Trig’s Village Market. They carry delicious Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream, so how can you go wrong? We recommend docking your boat at Koller Park and walking over for a scoop!



The Pines Restaurant
With their great outdoor beer garden, live music every night in the summer, and amazing German bakery treats, The Pines Restaurant is a great place to sit on a warm night and share a double scoop with someone you love.



What’s the Scoop

Boy do we love this little place located inside Soap N' Suds Laundromat. They have 34 rotating flavors of Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream, homemade waffle cones, and plenty of old school ice cream parlor charm. We can't stop eating the Raspberry Lemon Italian Ice. Bonus: buy a What’s the Scoop Tervis cup and fill it with ice cream for free!


Ice Cream + Alcohol (yes please!)

The perfect after dinner treat in the summer is ice cream blended with various liqueurs and mounded high in a cocktail glass. Many restaurants offer ice cream drinks, but some of our favorites include a Grasshopper at Little Bohemia Lodge, and the Dreamsicle at Aurora Borealis Restaurant.  

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